lørdag 7. mai 2011

Mad Men & Mañana, Mañana Men

Dear all of you....Picture this....It is Friday night, it is raining here in Arendal. I have an over 10 metres long rotten, old wooden boat(!) on my terrace that needs to be removed. Full of junk. The house that I don't own myself, but do rent, is loaded with stuff. Loaded. I am in desperate need of a storage place, but so far I haven't been able to find any. ....And I am totally exhausted after the longest week ever. 

And I want all of you to know...I read all your comments, I am deeply touched, and the support through your words means a lot to me. A lot. I just haven't had any time during the last week to read any blogs, any papers, nothing. I drive my son to school every morning, and pick him up at school at 1400 am. Meanwhile and after, I try to run my errances. My son, now 15 1/2, is like any other teenager all over the world, messy room, likes to sleep a lot in the weekends, loves to play X-box games- and seems to think a Mother is a Household Machine serving all meals, fresh and clean clothes automatically out of a hole in the wall...:) He has only few weeks left to summer holiday, is also studying hard to get a good exam - (final year of 10 years obligatory school) so yes, I am his personal slave at the moment. 

And... here it comes.... there is a very good reason why I have chosen to stay single for the last 7 years.... I am that kind of woman who prefers to know excactly when things can be done. 

Just imagine the following dialogue :

-Can you fix it?
Umm..yes maybe..
-Don't know. Maybe next week.
-I need it done now.
-Stop nagging. I said I'll do it, just not now.

Is there anything more annoying???

This is the main reason why I remain single, dear sisters. I have my own tool box, my own hammer, everything....But sometimes it is sooo tough, juggling everything, being a Single Mum. But. I am so grateful, that.... after all....I am living in Norway, in 2011...

 Below is a selection of vintage ads, from the 50's, 60's and 70's...The selection is from a post called  "48 ads that would never be allowed today" via omni.eu. Check out the rest here. No further comments.

Take care... have a great weekend all, xoxo, Ingrid


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design elements sa...

Hi Ingrid, I thought I'm not going to write comments this weekend but just read your comment and the things changed...thanks for your lovely message! Your post touched me. Sorry to hear about your longest week ever. After a storm, the sun will shine again. I don't know when but it will.

"Maybe some great women just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them." - Sex in the City

"I don't need a man to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we'll ever have is the one with ourselves." - Shirley MacLaine

warm hugs to you

Splendid Willow sa...

Oh Ingrid my friend. If I lived a tad closer I would have been over in a heartbeat!

You are great on so many levels and you have the best attitude. Laugh it off! (And having a husband by your side is not always helping matters. Mine is like another child (so 4 in total for me!).

Tomorrow is Mother's day in the US. Sending you tons of warm Moms hugs.

ox, Mon

Zyprezz sa...

Maria and Mon: Thanks a LOT. It is Saturday night here in Norway, and guess what? I am smiling already again......A big warm hug, Ingrid ;)

Geisslein sa...

Oh my godness, these vintage posters make me speachless! aaarrrghhh! And I am happy too that I´m living in the year 2011! But I´m not soooo happy living alone, because I´m doing this for 16 years now...and I think this is to long :o/
But I´ve also learned to do everything alone - ok, I had no other choice, but it´s ok. Today I was rerenovate my clothes-room (painting in grey, yeah!), tomorrow I will do the rest (hopefully), and yes, I can do it alone, but I would be happy when I had a partner...not only for painting a room ;o)
We will see what life will bring, hm?!
Have a lovely rest of weekend. Sending you a BIG HUG! Tanja

Cez sa...

honeyyyy!!! nice to read you and welcome to the club!!!!
we are all super women, trust me...but our kids are so cute!!!
you are so fantastic..never give up sweetie...
we have no choice btw....always doing everything alone...but we are strong enough to do it...
big hugs sister
Love you both

Åpent hus sa...

the story of exceptional women - they can do everything - and a bit more. I hope you find some time for yourself, too, in between everything. Cuz you deserve it, and everyone needs some to stay healthy. Your kid needs you to stay sane, you know! ;)
I admire you single moms - such a tough and important job you have.

Big hug from one sister to another!

lapetitecuisine sa...

Oh my! Adolescence is really touch for parents and the young - growing up - individuals, building their thinking, their values, checking their limits and being sometimes more kid then adult and also the other way around. Well, my son is now 15 and a half months old. I think a have a long way to go. We will see how it comes the way...Wish you strength, humor, patience and assertiveness!

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