mandag 11. april 2011

Back in business :)

So now I have moved. Spring is here, the sun is shining,  and my new home is so lovely, I just have a big smile on my lips these days.

I have missed you all, my dear friends here in blogglandia, so happy to be back.

My new home is an old "skipperhus" (Captain`s house), built in 1875, and is overlooking the sea. It is 15 metres from a pier where I have my own boat place, and where you can fish and swim. It is within walking distance from the centre of my town, Arendal. It is full of original details, old wooden floors, brick walls, wooden ceilings and lovely old doors. So me..It need some TLC, so next weekend I am starting to paint the kitchen walls. I will show you some pictures soon. In the meantime, here are some images from the area ...

Have a great day you all! Love from Ingrid :)

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FrenchByDesign sa...

Oh, so glad you're back! It's funny, I was starting to worry about your silence and even wrote myself a mental note to write to you to get fresh news. Anyway, congrats on the new house. Sounds like an exciting interior design adventure and the area looks lovely. Have a fabulous week, dear Ingrid!

Martha sa...

Så kjekt å ha deg tilbake :)
Herlige bilder!!
Klem Martha.

design elements sa...

hurrraaaaaaaa! Ingrid is back :-) many hugs

Åpent hus sa...

hei og velkommen tilbake, Ingrid!
grattis med nytt og maritimt husvære - beliggeneheten høres jo bare perfekt ut - særlig for den solrike sommeren der sør.
Arendal altså? der har jobben min et kontor :)

klem, Åpent hus

lapetitecuisine sa...

Back to business with such beautiful pictures as ever! How went the moving? Looking forward for more pictures of your house! Hugs Susanne

lapetitecuisine sa...

I definately have to go to norway one day. This little town near the sea looks so adorable!

Cez sa...

i am on my wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! omg!!!! so nice place and so glad to read you !!!!! Love the description you did about the new house!!!! can't wait to see it!!!! big hugs sister!!!
Love xxxxx

agnes szucs sa...

wow! i'm happy for you! beautiful pics, too!
hope we'll see some pictures of the house, i'm curious.


Torhild sa...

Welcome back to bloglandia, Ingrid, and congrats with your new house. It sounds lovely - and I know it is. Your picture made me a bit homesick... :) Arendal is a lovely place. Enjoy life!
Big hugs Torhild

white life© sa...

Fabulous pictures that I may discover here tonight!!!

Have a nice Tuesday;o)

Splendid Willow sa...

Oh you lucky cat!! What a lovely town! And right by the water!

Can't wait to see pictures from your home. I know you have a great eye for design. It will be fun to follow your projects (and you know who to call if you want to put up wallpaper!)

Good to have you back!



bohemian girl sa...

Åååh, endelig er du tilbake kjære Ingrid! Vi har savnet deg veldig! Det nye huset ditt høres helt fabelaktig ut! Gleder meg enormt til å se det....! Håper jeg kan komme på besøk en gang...lykke til med maling og renovering! Stor klem Bente

Annelie sa...

Härligt att se dig tillbaka
ska bli så spännande att se förvandlingen sen
Härligt med flytt och förnyelse
Många kramar

Solid Frog sa...

Åh vad det ser idylliskt ut!

Solid Frog sa...

... och tack för kpmmentaren :)

Geisslein sa...

Welcome back Beauty ;o)

travelkate sa...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment! It made my day :)

I can't believe you live is just so beautiful and picturesque, these photos made me so happy. Can't wait to see more! I just started following...hope I will see you back on Travelmoon :)

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