tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Rustic retreat in the south of France

In the heart of the south Charente in France stands the Logis de Puygaty, a stately and authentic fortified manor dating ti the 5th Century. The Logis has been faithfully restored with native materials and the interior design has been interpreted with a contemporary twist. Notice the cat in one of the images...

Have a nice day all! Love from Ingrid 

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Cez sa...

so cute cat on the plate!!!!! Love the fire place....so romantic!!!!!
so...when wil you comeeeeee ????
big kiss!!!!

Geisslein sa...

oh yes, this is nice and very inspiring, the stone walls are really great - but I agree with Cez: The cat on the plate is the best!!!! Love it ;o)
It´s time to go to bed for me. Wish you a very lovely and inspiring blog. I enjoy yours very much. A warm hug back from me :o)
nighty night

Annelie sa...

så himla fina bilder - gillar jättemycket - ger mycket inspiration

bohemian girl sa...

Dette var veeeeldig fint! Elsker denne stilen her. Spesielt murveggene er nydelige....fantastisk at de har klart å beholde ånden i denne boligen og samtidig tilført noe nytt og moderne. Flotte kontraster...og den lille katten...need I say more...!

Anonym sa...

Romantisk plass og rustikt, fantastiske bilder og settinger.
The sweaty little gnome ;-)

Harmoni og Kontrast sa...

Du vet jeg elsker, elsker, elsker dette...;-)

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