lørdag 19. februar 2011

3 favourite blogs

Some days ago, I was privileged enough to be picked out as one of the favourite blogs by Laila from the unique and beautiful blog, Harmoni & Kontrast, I was so happy.

Now it's my turn to pass the challenge on....

I have now been blogging in 50 days...and remember all too well the first days and weeks...nobody knew me... nobody came visiting...I felt I was writing to a silent wall....but then I started to contact some other bloggers that I liked around: And very soon, I got lovely replies back , new friends and sweet comments on my blog.

These 3 lovely bloggers I am presenting here all mean something special to me. They are strong, talented and beautiful bloggers, they all have their own personal style and often write warm-hearted comments here and at other blogs. Get to know them, and you will get yourself a great new blogfriend. I use to visit them on a daily basis, and they make my day happier with their posts and blogs....I could have mentioned a lot more blogs, so many more out there that I love, but had to chose 3 this time so....

...here are my selection:

Bohemian Sense by Bente, a norwegian blogger, mother of two twin boys at the age of 10 months. Works as a decorator, lives with her hubby near Oslo, at the time being at home taking care of her boys. She blogs about music, film, fashion and of course, interior. Great taste...She has brought me back to the 80's Eurythmics, shown me designer jackets that are gorgeous, and great images from her own home. A lovely girl with the biggest heart ever!

Méchant Design by Cez, a french blogger, mother of a son, Hugo, 17, they live with their 2 cats, Charlie & Lulu. Loves to travel around the world, she is crazy-cool, charming and energetic, and inside her chest a passionate, warm, french heart is pounding. She loves scandinavian design, vintage, wood, leather, and often buys lovely whimsical stuff from flea-markets while traveling.

Kavka design by Joanna, a polish blogger, graphic designer and illustrator. Lives with her hubby, 3 cats and a lovely dog. I have already shown you her works here...she shows great interior details from her own home, lovely graphic works and writes about visits to other homes.  A great girl, kind and with a ton of talent! Opening her own shop soon!

Love u all, girls!

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Cez sa...

wowwwwww!!! i am so glad!!!! Ingrid you are so sweet....Thank you so much for the kind description and honor you gave us!!! It's also a pleasure to come here everyday to read you, be charming by your amazing taste and by the so nice person you are...so sensitive and cute!!!!
Love u my dear...
Huge hugs and hugs and Hugs for you and your son...
xxx Cez

Zyprezz sa...

Cez,Cez,Cez.... how can one not fall in love with you?? Thanks for making my days better, you lovely lovely hell of a woman!!!

Hugs & kisses,


Cez sa...

PS: you forgot my 2 cats...Charlie and Lulu...our 2 crazy girls like we are!!!! ;o)

Åpent hus sa...

congrats with award. well deserved :)
and I'll check out your tips.
have a great weekend
best wishes, Open house blog.

Cez sa...

tks honey...i'll tell them that you spoke about them too...lol
have a sweet night!!!!

Intelectual recycling sa...

good choice!:)

a butterfly in my hair sa...

hei ingrid

sterkt innlegg under her....ærlig og modig!

gratulerer med award, velfortjent :)
tusen takk for at du introduserte meg for disse flotte bloggene, de var nye for meg.

ønsker deg en finfin søndag,
stor varm klem

kavka sa...

Ingrid – I'm so happy, don't know how to express what I feel (because of emotions and my poor English, too) I just say: Dziękuję bardzo!!! Kisses

bohemian girl sa...

WOW Ingrid! Jeg er så beæret....tusen tusen takk for den utrolig flotte presentasjonen av meg og min blogg! Du er da verdens søteste! Stoor klem fra meg

Harmoni og Kontrast sa...

Så spennende å oppdage nye blogger fra en fersk blogger:-) Jeg skal ta meg noen besøk de nærmeste dagene. Takk også for dine gode ord i dette innlegget. Du beviser hele tiden at du er verd awarden:-) Ha en deilig kveld, Ingrid!

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