onsdag 28. mars 2012

Industrial Grey

Dear all of you - I haven't had the time to visit any blogs yet, but today I will sit down and enjoy visiting you.... In the meantime let me show you some great images of greytones with an industrial touch.                 So cool! Take care all of you...
xoxo Ingrid

søndag 25. mars 2012


...back....it has been almost 11 months since my last post. And it has not been the best time I have been through. A lot of illness and a really tough period of my life. I haven't had the energy to post anything - so sorry. But you - my dear blogfriends have been on my mind a lot,  I have missed you all, and a big thanks for all your lovely and warm comments. I will use the next days to visit you all and get some updates...and I really, really look forward to it!!!

In the meantime, let me show you some great images from the spectacular home of Pierre Cardin in Cannes....Good night to you all, take care...xoxo Ingrid

søndag 8. mai 2011

Sunday Inspiration

Also a magnet from my fridge....

Dear all of you...I have possibly had the worst day ever...like Friday the 13th x 2. (which is up soon, right?)
It's time to take a deep breath, reflect, and put things in perspective.....;)

1. I am healthy and so is my son
2. I have a place to live and a warm bed
3. I have food on the table
4. I don't freeze
5. I have friends and family around me...
6. ....

Shall I continue on? ...I have been back-packing for months in Egypt, traveling through India, Mexico, USA....Caribbean...Europe.....I have seen toddlers living in tents made of plastic bags, homeless people begging on the streets, abandoned children in hospitals....

My thoughts tonight goes to all people out there who struggles with far worse issues than myself.

Good night all, and have a great week. Ingrid ;)

lørdag 7. mai 2011

Mad Men & Mañana, Mañana Men

Dear all of you....Picture this....It is Friday night, it is raining here in Arendal. I have an over 10 metres long rotten, old wooden boat(!) on my terrace that needs to be removed. Full of junk. The house that I don't own myself, but do rent, is loaded with stuff. Loaded. I am in desperate need of a storage place, but so far I haven't been able to find any. ....And I am totally exhausted after the longest week ever. 

And I want all of you to know...I read all your comments, I am deeply touched, and the support through your words means a lot to me. A lot. I just haven't had any time during the last week to read any blogs, any papers, nothing. I drive my son to school every morning, and pick him up at school at 1400 am. Meanwhile and after, I try to run my errances. My son, now 15 1/2, is like any other teenager all over the world, messy room, likes to sleep a lot in the weekends, loves to play X-box games- and seems to think a Mother is a Household Machine serving all meals, fresh and clean clothes automatically out of a hole in the wall...:) He has only few weeks left to summer holiday, is also studying hard to get a good exam - (final year of 10 years obligatory school) so yes, I am his personal slave at the moment. 

And... here it comes.... there is a very good reason why I have chosen to stay single for the last 7 years.... I am that kind of woman who prefers to know excactly when things can be done. 

Just imagine the following dialogue :

-Can you fix it?
Umm..yes maybe..
-Don't know. Maybe next week.
-I need it done now.
-Stop nagging. I said I'll do it, just not now.

Is there anything more annoying???

This is the main reason why I remain single, dear sisters. I have my own tool box, my own hammer, everything....But sometimes it is sooo tough, juggling everything, being a Single Mum. But. I am so grateful, that.... after all....I am living in Norway, in 2011...

 Below is a selection of vintage ads, from the 50's, 60's and 70's...The selection is from a post called  "48 ads that would never be allowed today" via omni.eu. Check out the rest here. No further comments.

Take care... have a great weekend all, xoxo, Ingrid


lørdag 30. april 2011

A Desire to Inspire

- Sometimes you have to jump off the bridge and hope to learn to fly on your way down - 

...Some days ago, coming home after a long walk, I suddenly discovered that the traffic on my blog had gone through the roof...I soon found out that I've been so privileged to be mentioned on one of Desire to Inspire's suggested Easter Reading List.... Thank you Jo & Kim!

These girls are two of  the greatest bloggers I know of...I think most of us bloggers do remember well the first weeks of blogging. I was writing in norwegian, I had one(!) follower the first week, very few visits...I felt like giving up...but then I decided to start making contact with some of my favourite bloggers around...and one of the first I wrote to was Desire to Inspire:

> Message: Ok...as I already told Susann from purplearea today, this is like writing to the Pope..so much do I admire your blog. She was laughing. And put me on her blogroll. Oh heaven! Anyway, I love your blog, really inspiring, great articles and photos, and with this newwon confidence thanks to some other great bloggers that I contacted today, I also dare to contact you. I started blogging about 3 weeks ago: My blog: www.zyprezz.blogspot.com - I'd be happy if you take the time to take a look.
> I will be posting some articles about my own home and projects later on, just waiting for my new camera, cause my old one is crappy. Really crappy.
> Hope to hear from you,
> all the best,
> Ingrid :)

And here is the answer I recieved, the day after:

...Like writing the POPE???!!! OK, you got someone else laughing at that now.

Your blog is finally our first Z entry in our blogroll!

Thanks Ingrid! And good luck with it...you're off to a great start so far!


Needless to say, I almost fainted...imagine getting such a reply after 3 weeks of blogging....

It is now 3 months later(... still waiting for that new camera!,) and through the blogging a whole new world of possibilities have come along, I have made new contacts and great friends, and suddenly my life is taking a very new, unexpected turn and direction , that I, just 4 months ago never would have dreamed of...(Yeah, this is about my new project...for those of you who read about it in one of my recent posts..)

Photography by Michael Vincent Manalo

so therefore: this magnet on my fridge is a reminder of on a daily basis to:

I wish you all a great weekend!!


torsdag 28. april 2011

From Oslo with Love

Good morning! The early bird catches the worm, they say...today my working day start at 06.00. But first, I have to show you this city apartment from my old town: Oslo, where I use to live in my 20's. Oh dear....there have been some great times with a lot of  fun in this city, I promise you...  

Actually, I had a pretty similar apartment at that time, as the one I am presenting to you today. It brings back old memories of  endless hours with redecoration and paint in the hair, eating take-away while sitting on empty wooden boxes.... listening to U2, Bon Jovi, Queen......

Oh well, back to the apartment... I think the owners here have done an amazing job, blending classy designer objects with great art and flea market finds. Cool and individual!

Today I will hopefully catch up with your blogs. I promise! So sorry! AND for those who plan to do some housework during the day : CLICK HERE for some music inspiration.. Have a brilliant day ! XO, Ingrid

All images via BO BEDRE
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